“As a child I was mesmerized by my father's stained glass creations and the play of light prisms. Over the past ten years my creative journey has been to combine glass and crystal to make art glass which blends the aesthetic and personal. My pieces are necessarily timeless, but always alive and relevant.” -Bianca Divito
Glass Artist Bianca Divito Glass Artist Bianca Divito

About Bianca


Bianca Divito is an award-winning stained glass designer and conservator. Her work in glass includes commissions to design and install original glass art in private homes and public spaces, as well as conservation of priceless medieval church glass. Her innovation in glass art is the production of bespoke glass ornaments and panels for garden decoration, which led the Royal Horticultural Society to invite Bianca Divito to exhibit at the world-renowned Chelsea Flower Show in 2012. Whilst at the show this year, the RHS presented Bianca with the coveted Certificate of Merit for her garden space.


Bianca is passionate about creating bespoke art glass. Her unique and original style includes materials like crystal, semi-precious stones and gold-leaf. She is passionate about exploring the qualities of decorative glass; creating a bespoke piece for a specific location takes into account how it will respond to light and shade and enhance your space. 

Previous high profile work includes the creation of a modern scheme of windows for the Guest Palace in Oman working with Goddard and Gibbs in London. Since setting up her own business in 2006 she has worked for high profile clients in Ireland including The Jesuit Order at Milltown Park, Dublin, The Church of Ireland at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and for The Wexford VEC on two large “Percent for Art Projects.”


Smaller pieces include window panels, wall hangings and pendent ornaments for windows or gardens. Some of her most popular designs are her signature flower and teardrop pendents which incorporate full lead crystals. Examples of her work can be found nestled in planting and hanging from trees at her permanent outdoor exhibition space at the Damien Keane Garden Design Studio based in Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford, in County Wicklow.


Bianca has worked on prestigious projects including the conservation of medieval windows at York Minster, Canterbury Cathedral and the conservation of two major sets of Irish stained glass windows at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin and she continues to carry out conservation projects for the Jesuit Community in Milltown, Dublin.


Bianca Divito obtained a BA (Hons) in Architectural Glass at The Swansea Metropolitan University in Wales. On completion of this degree Bianca won the coveted "Award of Excellence" given once a year to a graduate, by "The Worshipful Company of Master Painters and Glazier's", in London.  The award offered her a tailored 40 week enhanced training program and gave her the opportunity to work in all of the top architectural art glass and stained glass conservation studios across the U.K and Continental Europe.

In 2016, Bianca won the Sculpture in Context Award at the National Botanic Gardens for her stunning glass art feature, "Blowing my Worries Away".  The Award of Excellence at The World Flower Show 2014 was presented to her for the outstanding presentation of her work at the show.  A Certificate of Merit was presented to Bianca by the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show 2012 for her outstanding garden space in conjunction with Damien Keane Garden Design. 

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